Man Juice Diet - Lose Weight By Swallowing Semen

Man Juice Diet - Lose Weight By Swallowing Semen
Cure Obesity with Semen Therapy

Semen contains alpha 2 glycoprotein (ZAG) Could this be the cure to obesity?

UK Dailymail: British researchers are trying to develop a pill which could be used to treat obesity without the slimmer having to cut down on what they eat, it was announced.

The team at Aston University in Birmingham are looking at the role of a protein, called Zinc Alpha 2 Glycoprotein (ZAG), which appears to promote weight loss without an obese person having to reduce their food intake.

This happens because the protein targets fat breakdown while not affecting muscle mass. Professor Mike Tisdale said their long-term plan was to try to turn ZAG into a treatment, such as a tablet, to treat obesity.

ZAG, a soluble protein, is present in most body fluids and in most normal tissues of the body. But the protein is also involved in a process called "CACHEXIA" - the weight loss that happens in some cancer patients.

During cachexia, ZAG production is increased 10-fold, causing the movement of fat from adipose tissue which is used to produce heat rather than energy.

This can lead to cancer patients losing 85 per cent of their body fat. This fat mobilisation is normally linked to energy demand, so anything which disrupts this process will lead to progressive fat loss.

The process has been extensively examined by Prof Tisdale, leading him to use the protein to target obesity.

ZAG also has potential to be used to treat diabetes because it also lowers blood sugar levels.

"We are a little way off a clinical trial now and our long-term plan is to develop a suitable delivery method, perhaps a tablet, that will enable us to turn ZAG protein into a commercial treatment for obesity," Professor Tisdale said.

Recent scientific studies from the FDA show that the consumption of sperm is directly correlated with weight loss. The results on average showed that consumption of 9 grams of sperm per week led to losing 1 pound of body fat."
Now this is great news ladies – weight loss and sperm! Think about it now. A totally renewable resource that is easily (and I mean EASILY) and cheaply available that could potentially replace Slim Fast.

...Yes, it has lots of vitamins and also proteins and amino acids. It is really good for you. It has anti-depressant properties as well that improve your mood.
The Sperm Diet
Posted by Angela Lovell

"This diet works!!! How do I know? I've lost 10 pounds and have not changed anything else. Everyone notices how great I look and how happy I am...thanks honey!"

"Rubbing it on your face and letting it dry is great for the skin."


How important is taking a Zinc supplement for men who donate Semen Therapy
or Man Juice Diet? Very.


Even if you can't come to the semen, the semen can come to you.

Condoms are a great source of semen. Don't just throw them out.

Drink the sperm or add it to your next meal.

Eat as much as you want! As long as it has semen in it you are going to lose weight.

Semen adds salty goodness to meals.

Add sperm to deserts for sweetness.

Happy birthday!

A condom holds semen nicely as an ingredient in cooking.

Bake with semen for guilt-free cupcakes.

Semen can be obtained almost anywhere and mixed with juices.

Try OJ, rasberries and Semen for refreshment and weight loss.

When you are in the mood, semen straight up goes right to work.

Most men ejaculate about a table spoon of semen each day.

A spoonfull of sperm. everytime you eat, is good for your health; like yogurt.

You swallow yogurt. Semen is better for you AND it melts fat. Have your man ejaculate into your yogurt container.

Have him cum on your meals before you eat. Let the semen stand for a few minutes to liquefy before mixing with liquids.

It can help you hold off eating, getting him to toss off on your salad. Burn some calories giving him oral sex. You may even eat less.

Deserts are harder to come by if you have to wait to have cum on them.

Use sperm as a condiment and you'll burn more fat than you put on from every meal.

Double your good deeds by adding a squirt of fresh semen to vegetables.

Every desert, no matter how decadent, becomes on-your-diet when you have it with semen.

Lose weight with every snack AND get healthier too.

No matter how big the entree, if a man has an orgasm on it, you are melting fat.

Even alcohol drinks are zero-sum-gain once they are mixed with ejaculate. Like the White Martini, or Dirty White Russian.

When you are bringing your lunch, get the semen in before you go. Melt fat all day long.

Delicious on a sandwich, adds moisture and saltiness.

Enjoy it on fresh fruit,


Ice cream,


Plain yogurt

Even gives health bars flavor.

So what do you want on your pizza? Sperm.

Benefits of swallowing semen from a healthy man three times per week or more include:
decreased effects of aging,
extended life expectancy,

50% reduction breast cancer risk,
reduction in the risk of other cancers,
help in fighting any existing cancer,

mood enhancement,
depression reduction,
resistance to suicidal thoughts,
deeper pair bonding,
improved positive outlook,
better sleep,
elimination of PMS,
increased enjoyment of sex,

clearer skin,
relief from acne,

metabolizing excess fat,
reducing obesity,
controlling appetite,
curing diabetes,

preparedness for pregnancy,
promotes a safer pregnancy,
overcomes male infertility,
eases morning sickness,

fighting off disease,
overcome infections,
whitening teeth,
growing healthier hair,
sharpened concentration,
donating men prevent prostate cancer,
fueling your body's natural health processes.

The Semen Therapy Study now assessing:
increasing vaginal wetness,
improving pleasurable nipple response,
strengthening bones,
preventing osteoporosis,
lowering cholesterol,
female athletes performance enhancement,
increasing energy,
muscle mass building,
veterans donating helps re-acclimate,
correcting erectile dysfunction,
improving deteriorating eyesight,
reversing hair loss,
promoting regularity over constipation/diarrhea,
assisting in quitting smoking,
lightening dark circles under eyes,
fighting ulcers,
calming itchiness of insect bites,
as a topical skin cream for;
    age spots,
    and anti-fungal

Please join The Semen Therapy Study

1.) What is in semen?
2.) Doctors say ingesting it regularly is healthy.
3.) Semen is good for you.
4.) Helps with pregnancy.
5.) Prevent and treat cancer.
6.) Adding semen to your diet.
7.) Men benefit from donating semen.
8.) Vaginal fluid is like semen.
9.) Semen Therapy throughout history.
10.) Improving semen taste.
11.) Improving semen amount.
12.) Semen used as skin cream.
13.) Discussion groups.
14.) MEMBERS area * What's NEW *
15.) Sacred Semen throughout history
16.) Sacred Vagina throughout history

Semen Therapy Contacts - meet people now
The Semen Therapy Study - contribute your experience


The donor must be healthy; not have disease, no acute or long term exposure to: poisons, heavy metals, radiation or injections.

The receiver must not be allergic to semen, sensitive to testosterone or have cancer tumors in the mouth or throat that could contact concentrated ejaculate (due to prostaglandins).

The biological basis: search for
"nuptial gift spermatophore ingestion"

Semen Content

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C, for tissue maintenance)
Ammonia (natural disinfectant)
Ash (neutral base)
Blood-group antigens (from immune system)
Calcium (mineral for teeth, bone, muscle and nerve health)
Carbon Dioxide (natural gas we exhale)
Chlorine (oxidizing agent)
Cholesterol (steroid alcohol present in body fluids)
Chlorine (base, part of the vitamin B complex)
Citric acid (prevents blood clots)
Copper (natural metal in blood)
Creatine (increases energy, formation of muscle and burns fat)
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
Ergothioneine (protects skin from DNA damage)
Fructose (sugar used for energy and preventing diabetes)
Glutathione (peptide amino acid prevents cancer and improves success of chemotherapy)
Glycerylphorylcholine (enzyme)
Glycoproteins (cancer fighting agent)
Hyaluronidase (enzyme)
Inorganic material (neutral molecules)
Inositol (prevents hair loss)
Lactic acid (material repairs burns and wounds)
Lipids (Functions as a fat burner)
Magnesium (mineral)
Nitrogen (gas found in all living tissue)
Phosphorus (mineral)
Phosphorylcholine (mineral)
Prostaglandins (good for pregnancy)
Potassium (mineral)
Purine (compound of uric acid)
Pyrimidine (organic base)
Pyruvic acid (fetilizing agent)
Selenium (cancer fighting agent)
Sodium (salt)
Sorbitol (body alcohol promotes bowel regularity)
Spermidine (catalytic enzyme)
Spermine (ammonia compound found in sperm)
Sulfur (mineral helps in smoothing skin)
Urea (skin treatments: psoriasis, xerosis, onychomycosis, ichthyosis, eczema, keratosis, keratoderma, corns, calluses and medical basis of urine therapy)
Uric acid (over half the antioxidant capacity of blood plasma comes from uric acid and helps prevent diabetes)
Vitamin B12 (for proper function of nervous system and metabolism, builds stamina)
Zinc (mineral fights acne)
Zinc Alpha 2 Glycoprotein (ZAG)(enzyme fights diabetes, obesity and acne)

Man Juice Diet - lose Weight Swallowing Semen

Kim Kelly says:

"My advice would be to try it."

Swallowing semen by giving oral sex to a man.
That is putting your mouth on a man's penis until he has an orgasm.
When he ejaculates into your mouth, swallow his semen.
Swallowing one full load of semen every meal, or more, will cause your excess fat to MELT due to a natural process called "CACHEXIA."
This natural process rids people of their body's unwanted fat while not reducing muscle mass.

"Ms. Kelly, is this something every woman who wants to lose weight should do?
What if they have not liked giving oral sex in the past?"

"If they have had a bad experience, that is going to be hard to get over, but worth a try.

I would suggest to start slow – licking, kissing, and work up from there.

I would advise men not to push their hips when dealing with a woman who is tentative.

Choking would definitely be a turn off to those who are not used to that feeling.

If men really want their partners to do it, I would recommend they make it as appealing as possible.

Shower! Put some chocolate sauce on it if need be, honey, anything sweet or something their partner likes.

Hair can also be an issue, trim the trunk, make it appealing. Help them really enjoy their time.

I assure you, someone who really likes giving oral is going to do a much better job then the people who are only doing it to please their mate.

I like the taste, the power, the feeling, watching someone's eyes roll back in their head, but that is me.

I have always believed in 'you get as good as you give', maybe that is part of it.

I truly enjoy it and always have, it wasn't something I had to learn to like.”

-Kim Kelly

The Heaviest Woman In The World lost her crown and a hundred pounds

She couldn't get out of bed!

Until her ex-husband came back and gave her...

seven loads of his semen per day!

Now she is up, walking around and is active!

"Man Juice Diet is the miracle cure for obesity."

CNN Video

The scientists agree: Swallowing semen more than three times per week is for every woman!

Dr. Fulbright, who has contributed to The Huffington Post and who earned her Ph.D. in International Community Health Studies at New York University, also writes that a good "sexercise" routine:

"Can not only lead to weight loss,

but also to improved blood flow,

strengthening of the heart,

better cholesterol,

better sleep,

more energy,

improved muscle tone

and decreased stressed!

Huffington Post

Guinness Book Of Records, World's Heaviest Woman loses her crown and 100lbs by SEMEN, up to seven loads per day!
Record Weight Loss
Man Juice Diet

What about you?

Do you have a man that would appreciate, encourage you to go on the Man Juice Diet?

Would your relationship benefit from swallowing his semen more than three times a week?

When you are suffering with denying yourself a snack, isn't giving oral sex to him a great way to fill your mouth, keep it active, get the satisfaction of eating and earn the reward of swallowing a potent serving that is going to make you lose weight?

There is no other diet that can't fail!

There is no other diet that requires no willpower!

There is no other diet that improves your relationship; bringing intimacy, appreciation and gratitude!

There is no other diet that gets you so in touch with your feminine side.

There is no other diet that get the attention of your man, to encourage you, praise your progress and be so interested in seeing you naked.

Man Juice Diet - Swallow semen more than three times a week.
lose weight with no more exercise that giving the man you love oral sex.
lose weight with no dietary restrictions.
lose weight, not a little... a lot!
While improving your health...
improving your home life...
improving you appearance and confidence!

Man Juice Diet

Learn how to discuss the diet with your man.
Learn how to perform oral sex on a man and have fun doing it.
Learn how to add semen to your food to speed up your weight loss.
Learn how to get a man even if you've never had one.

Craig Markley interview Kim Kelly after 8 days of swallowing the Man Juice Diet

Just when you thought you had heard about every possible way to lose weight - one technique has emerged that could be considered the most original yet! Kim Kelly has come up with an all protein formula - that some may find hard to swallow, but extremely effective. It's 'straight from the tap' and although some may call her crazy, Kim lived on the protein power potion for a full whole month, and the pounds kept coming off. So if you have the stomach for the truly bizarre - and somewhat salty - or need a few tips to shed that extra weight, this may be just the diet you were looking for!

Craig Markley(CM): Ok Kim I gotta ask, how did you get the idea to go on this diet? Is it that you read about the 'medical benefits of man juice', or is it a Publicity Stunt pure and simple?

Kim Kelly(KK):? That is the number one question I get asked these days. I have gained weight progressively since 1996 when I was in an accident. I have had several surgeries, which has slowed down my metabolism quite a bit. There have been lots of protein diets in the news lately, so I am taking a "tongue in cheek" approach to that. I would like to lose about 30-40 pounds ultimately, however, I never intend on being skinny. I thought I could kill two birds with one stone - lose weight and get more recognition for the fat chicks out there. There is a bunch of information available about the "medical benefits of man juice", I intended on finding out first hand.

CM: Now that you've been on the liquid protein shake for almost 2 weeks, is it what you expected going in? Have you been tempted to "snack" on anything else since starting?

KK: Actually, I was on my liquid protein shake diet for 8 days and lost 5 pounds. It was exactly as I expected, with my exercise program built right in. I was having a great time. The problem was that an hour before my diet began, my funding pulled out. They wanted me to postpone my diet, but telling me an hour before I started filming wasn't enough warning for me. So, I started on my own, with some really nice men helping out. However, I then had to pay for everything myself - locations, cameramen, film, travel, etc. There is no way I could continue this on my own. So, I stuck to it as long as I could, but when I went to NY, there was nothing for me to eat. I will start my diet over again as soon as I am funded properly. Actually, since my NY trip, over 3,000 men have offered to feed me, so I think it will be better anyway. Everything happens for a reason.

CM: How has the response been to your request for "contributors"? How many men have volunteered to help you in this pursuit?

KK: I sort of answered this in the last question, but it has really been amazing. So far, there have been over 3,000 signed up to feed me. Not everyone will go get the testing done that I require, but the response has been great! I am thrilled with how many men care enough to keep me alive, or just want a BJ, either way I get my food.

CM: Is it true that the food people eat can affect the taste of their semen? What should men be stocking up on to make 'the deed' more appealing to their sometimes reluctant, but willing to please girlfriends?

KK: YES, it is absolutely true that what people eat affects how they taste. It is the same for both men and women. People who eat more fruits, pineapple juice in particular (for men), taste sweeter. I would suggest cutting WAY back on red meat products, but that is my personal taste. There is a product out there that claims to make semen taste better and they have kindly offered me as much as I like, but I have not yet tried it. If I decide to give it a try, I will let you know what I find.

CM: Tell us about your background? Are you involved in the adult industry, or just a sweet little girl who wanted to find a new way to lose weight?

KK: I like to think I am both actually. I was in the adult industry for a short time when I was 18 years old and much thinner. After my accident in 1996, a friend suggested that I get into it on the web. I have been doing the amateur thing ever since. I started with phone sex, have made some of my own videos, been in a few magazines, and do quite a bit of the live "online" shows. I have always enjoyed pushing the envelope of acceptance, so this is another step in my process. Funny thing is, to me this seems like an interesting thing to do, to everyone else they think is it one of the craziest things they have ever heard. I truly am not insane, just like to try new things.

CM: Why is it some women find the oral subject "hard to swallow" yet you seem to take to it like a fish in water?

KK: That is a very good question, but I am not sure there is a real answer. I think it is just preferences - some people don't like tomatoes, some do. I also think it has to do with one's first experience. I have loved to perform oral since the very first time I tried it, which was many years ago now. I guess you could say that I have an oral fixation. Not everyone does, sadly.

CM: How has the response been from the public since announcing you were gonna do this? Do some men consider you their new hero - letting them point you out to the girlfriends and say "Hey, Kim does is and she loves it!!!"?

KK: Most people think I am nuts, at least that is what they tell me. However, I know for fact that every man, straight or gay, is really hoping this catches on. I don't know if I have become anyone's hero just yet, but I am going to try! I am sure once I get through a full month, remain happy and healthy, and if I lose some weight, it will become a pretty good argument.

CM: Tell us about some of the interviews you've done on this diet? Will you be writing a book anytime soon on this breakthrough in weight loss formulas?

KK: My goodness, there have been quite a few interviews. I think I am most proud of being the first fat chick to sit on the Playboy couch on the "Night Calls" TV show. I really enjoyed my time on Tom Leykis with Jim Rose, and was pretty disappointed in the Stern appearance. There have been countless radio interviews from all over the world. The New Zealand people who called were really cool, the Irish show that called were jerks - but whatever. I love when they call me up, then proceed to tell me on air that nobody wants to see this, then I respond with "then why are you calling me"? Then they have to back track. I take it all with a sense of humor, which luckily is still intact. Yes, I fully intend on writing a book about my adventures on the man juice diet. It has been a very interesting ride thus far, I look forward to seeing how it ends as well.

CM: How can men get in contact with you to make a 'contribution'? Do you prefer to take it off the tap, or in a prepackaged container?

KK: Anyone who would like to donate to my cause, can go to and fill out the form on the site. There are a few rules, but I send those out after they have signed up. I prefer it fresh, love to take it from the tap, but am not opposed to other ways. Everyone who wishes to feed me will need a pcr-dna HIV test, so I cannot accept donations "off site". I am clean and intend on keeping it that way.

CM: I heard people can actually log in and 'watch you in action'. What does it cost and where should they go to sign up?

KK: Well, this again has to go back to my funding being pulled issue. I was meant to be in a location for the duration of my diet that had cameras wired all thoughout the house, and people would be able to watch me 24/7. Sadly, I cannot afford to do that at this time until I get funded and start my diet again. However, the website does have photos and video clips of some of my adventures so far, along with a daily diary of my escapades. The cost is only $4.95 and that is a one time fee for the entire duration of the diet. I am going to do my best to broadcast everything once I resume. I would love to have people watch this.

CM: How many calories are in a "single serving" of man juice. How many servings per day are you eating to keep your strength up?

KK: Everything I have read has said that a single serving has about 8 calories. It is high in protein and zinc. There are few things I have to supplement in order to keep healthy. During my eight days, I was eating about 5 servings per day - but I will need more if I want to keep on going past the week mark. As many men as there are that want to feed me, I will drink. As long as they are tested and clean of course.

CM: To your knowledge has this ever been attempted in the past? Is the Guinness Book gonna be publishing this new dietary milestone in their 2003 edition?

KK: To my knowledge, nobody has ever attempted to live on a diet of semen for a month. As far as I know, I am the first one to give this a try. I have not talked with the Guinness Book yet, but I would be honored to be included if they will have me. I am not sure they do anything related to the adult side of things.

CM: Any advice you'd offer to women out there that would like to 'please their man', but just cannot get over the mental stumbling blocks of oral. What goes through your mind that makes you love it so much when doing it?

KK: My advice would be to try it. If they have had a bad experience, that is going to be hard to get over, but worth a try. I would suggest to start slow - licking, kissing, and work up from there. I would advise men NOT to push their hips when dealing with a woman who is tentative. Choking would definately be a turn off to those who are not used to that feeling. If men really want their partners to do it, I would recommend they make it as appealing as possible. Shower, put some chocolate sauce on it if need be, honey, anything sweet or something their partner likes. Hair can also be an issue, trim the trunk, make it appealing. Help them really enjoy their time. I assure you, someone who really LIKES giving oral is going to do a much better job then the people who are only doing it to please their mate. I like the taste, the power, the feeling, watching someone's eyes roll back in their head, but that is me. I have always believed in 'you get as good as you give', maybe that is part of it. I truly enjoy it and always have, it wasn't something I had to learn to like.

CM: Do certain nationalities of "man juice" taste different? What is your absolute favorite variety?

KK: I don't think it has to do with nationalities really, but diet is definitely a factor. Different nationalities have different dietary habits, so that is what I attribute it to. Again, my answer is pineapple juice!

CM: Any shout out's you wanna give? Who are some people you've looked to for support in this project?

KK : Yes, there are several people I would like to thank. So many people have supported me unconditionally over the years, this included. I would first like to thank all of the beautiful big women over at . They have been a source of inspiration for me for almost two years now. These women who stand up for what they believe in, no matter what people say, I am very proud of all of them. I would like to thank Rob Adams, my webmaster and business partner for all of the work he does, he is the best. Steve Nelson, at has helped me with press releases, support, and lots of food. He has been fantastic. A big thanks to all of the men who have sent kind words, shown up to feed me, and continue to make this a pleasant process.

CM: If you weren't earning international celebrity by combining the sensual and culinary arts, what would you be doing?

KK: I really don't know. I have always lived life on my terms and gone with what happens. I used to train horses until I was injured and loved that. I love teaching people about sex, opening up minds, doing what I do. I really enjoy what I do, I can't think of anything else I would prefer doing.

CM: And lastly, what do you think about those Fun Loving, Freedom Fighting, Call it like they see it journalists, over at Publicity Whore Magazine?

KK: I think you all are great. Thanks for all you do!

Weird News
Wireless Flash News
Woman Attempts All-'Man-Juice' Diet

Santa Monica, CA -- A woman in Santa Monica, California, is attempting to lose weight in a manner others may not be able to stomach -- an all-semen diet.

Starting December 1, a plump porn star named Kim Kelly hopes to lose between 10 and 20 pounds by spending 30 days on a diet consisting largely of semen -- or as she prefers, "man juice."

It may be hard for you to swallow but Kelly is shooting for at least six square meals a day -- with occasional pigouts.

So far, more than 800 men have offered to help Kelly with her diet and she's currently screening applicants thoroughly for STDs.

Although nutrition experts agree "man juice" is high in zinc and other nutrients, there's no officially recommended daily allowance.

Therefore, Kelly says plans to drink plenty of banana smoothies in between her regular meals because, in her words, "I'm not going to kill myself for this."

Aussies Cook With Cum - guys eat it

Natural Harvest - Cookbook with semen

Girl in the UK as a student, goes to a porn maker to put a penis in her mouth, for the first time in her life!

If she can do it so can you! Watch the video and learn.

Lesbians at higher risk for obesity: study
The Toronto Star

WASHINGTON – Lesbians are twice as likely as heterosexual women to be overweight or obese, which puts them at greater risk for obesity-related health problems and death, U.S. researchers said.

The report, published in the American Journal of Public Health, is one of the first large studies to look at obesity among lesbians.

Ulrike Boehmer of the Boston University School of Public Health and colleagues looked at a 2002 national survey of almost 6,000 women, and found that lesbians were 2.69 times more likely to be overweight and 2.47 times more likely to be obese.

"Lesbians have more than twice the odds of (being) overweight," the authors wrote. This would put them at a higher risk for diabetes and heart disease, among other ailments.

"Our findings indicate that lesbian sexual identity is linked to a greater prevalence of overweight and obesity," the authors wrote in the study, released this week.

They reviewed smaller studies that have suggested a higher prevalence of obesity among lesbians and the possible reasons why.

"The results of these studies indicate that lesbian women have a better body image than do heterosexual women," they wrote.

But the authors said they placed little confidence in the idea that lesbians were more muscular than straight women, and thus were more likely to have a high body mass index, or BMI, while having little body fat.

High muscle mass is "unlikely to lead to classification as obese," the researchers said.

"We reported greater odds of both overweight and obesity in lesbians and we feel confident in asserting that these differences are a result of increased adiposity," the researchers wrote.
The Toronto Star Newspaper

Kim Kelly's Man Juice Diet 'Got Off' to Cum-Flying Start
by: Company Press Release

(WOODLAND HILLS, CA) -- Kim Kelly who is planning to diet the rest of this month eating nothing more than cum in what she calls the "Man Juice Diet" got off to a flying start on Sunday, December 1, 2002. "Thanks to Steve from for much help, and some adult professionals such as Jim Legman of Legman's Lassies and Kyle Phillips who were kind enough to donate sperm to me."

This week, she will be appearing on on the Wankus Show at 7 pm. Guests will be joining her for an on the air feeding. Next it will be a return to Playboy for Playboy Radio on XM Radio Friday at 5 pm (please call in to the show and talk to me at 800-359-8100) , and on Monday Dec. 9th, the Howard Stern Show in New York. With all this running around it's a wonder she finds time to eat! ...But she does, and if you have been tested she will have you for dinner.

When asked about how it was going Kim commented that not enough people were getting tested and she was still very hungry. She jokingly said "This month only get your test at AIM and get a blowjob FREE! I've got lots to do today, filming tonight in the valley if anyone wants to CUM!"

Kim Kelly Promotes Cum Diet on Night Calls
by: Company Press Release

Kim Kelly of will be live on Playboy TV. Night Calls with Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath is having Kelly on to promote her Man Juice Diet.

The show will air live from 8 PM until 9:30 PM. It also will be airing on XM radio.

Kim Kelly will be attempting to add her name to the star-roster of "Sexual World Record" holders by sucking down a minimum of 90 cum enriched meals... and probably a number of "snacks".

That's a diet of nothing more solid than cum, at least three meals a day for a month!

For more information on the "Man Juice Diet" follow the links below or contact Kim Kelly.

Kim Kelly's Man Juice Diet
by: Company Press Release

(SANTA MONICA, CA) -- For an entire month Kim Kelly will diet by eating nothing but cum... for an entire month!

As advertised on the Tom Leykis show, BBW Live, the premier online provider of plus-size women XXX adult entertainment, will be launching the first 30-day cum diet ever in a "Man Juice Diet" extravaganza.

BBW Live's "Queen of Princesses" Kim Kelly will be attempting to add her name to the star-roster of "Sexual World Record" holders by sucking down a minimum of 90 cum enriched meals... and probably a number of "snacks". That's a diet of nothing more solid than cum, at least three meals a day for a month!

Rob Adams, Webmaster and partner of BBW Live said of the event, "BBW Live has always delivered a very clear sense of the future to the marketplace with its 'Big Beautiful Women' content. Now, with an all-time high demand for voluptuous women entertainment, this niche product will definitely prove it's value."

This bold, new event will shoot throughout the entire month in the San Fernando Valley in which all media coverage is invited. "Man Juice Diet" will mark BBW Live's first attempt at a sexual world record.

"I love the shock factor in this event and pushing the envelope", said Kelly. "Before I decided to go forward in the 'Man Juice Diet' I posted a profile on AOL to test viewer interest. Within 24 hours I was overwhelmed with over 300 responses wanting me to do it!"

Owner of the BBW Garden of Eden Ranch in Sacramento, Kelly has been performing since 1988 and is recognized as a top performer in "Big Butt" magazine. She's been featured in multiple adult magazines and has starred in dozens of erotic amateur videos.

Kim Kelly did 2 professional adult tapes using the name Mikkie Malone, however she does not know the names of the finished products.

On Friday Kim Kelly spent the better part of an hour talking with Jim Rose and Tom Leykis about her new "Man Juice Diet" on the Tom Leykis show. "It was great fun! The listeners called in offering to "feed" me, the women called in asking for advice on oral sex, I loved it!" The entire show was also taped for an upcoming show to be aired on the Travel Channel.

"The Jim Rose Circus Twisted Tour" is scheduled to air early in March. Kim continues, "Jim Rose invited me to his big "kick off" party on the following night in hills above Sherman Oaks, CA. It was a fabulous party, I felt like the Queen of the Freaks! They were all so supportive of what I am about to do."

For more information on the "Man Juice Diet" follow the links below or contact Kim Kelly.

‘I’ve lost 7st thanks to marathon sex sessions'
Wednesday 11 July 2012

When she earned the title of World’s Fattest Woman last year, Pauline Potter hit rock bottom.

Back then, the bedridden 52st mum – whose legs weigh over 10st each – entered the Guinness Book Of Records to shame herself into dieting, but instead her 10,000 calorie-a-day diet escalated.

Shockingly, she couldn’t stand and relied on her son, Dillion, 19, to take her to the toilet.

But when her ex-husband Alex saw Pauline’s record-breaking entry, he visited for the first time in three years – and, incredibly, despite Pauline’s size, reignited their sex life. They now make love up to seven times in one day, despite 10st Alex risking suffocation if Pauline gets on top.
"It’s great exercise just jiggling around.”

And she says their sex sessions are helping her slim. She’s lost 7st in seven months and, at 45st, can stand up again – but admits Alex does most of the work in the bedroom. She says: “I can’t move much in bed, but I burn 500 calories a session – it’s great exercise just jiggling around.”

Pauline, 47 – whose son Dillion is from a previous relationship – was 32st when she met Alex online in 2002. Pauline, who then ran a daycare center, says: “Alex didn’t mind my size.”

They married in 2005. But she struggled to bond with Alex’s son Sherman, 23, and left Alex, who works in medical supplies, in 2008 to move to California with Dillion. She then began bingeing.

She says: “I was so down, I’d eat four bowls of cereal for breakfast, half a box of cookies and a bag of crisps with cheese as a mid-morning snack. For lunch I’d have a Big Mac with chicken nuggets and fries, then three portions of spaghetti Bolognese for dinner, followed by a pint of ice cream.”

Pauline Potter

Pauline hit 45st a year later and couldn’t leave the house without a motorised scooter. With a BMI of 93 – the healthy range is 18.5-25 – she suffered lymphedema, which caused swelling from her hips to her ankles and between her thighs, due to fluid retention. It got so bad, she eventually stopped walking.

Desperate to change, Pauline contacted the Guinness Book Of Records last July, hoping going public would shame her into dieting. When she was crowned World’s Fattest Woman in September, she’d hit 52st.

The publicity made Alex get in touch and, when he visited two months later, they had sex. Pauline says: “I hadn’t had sex in three years, but we did it six times! He took charge as I couldn’t move much, but he was so attentive. I orgasm every time.”

Since then Alex, who lives in Arizona, has visited Pauline twice a month for four days at a time, and they have continued to have sex two to seven times a day.
"I can’t buy sexy lingerie, I drape a nice sheet over me.”

Double Header with Kim Kelly

--Wayne C Lewis

(Burbank, CA) - Wednesday night on The Wanker Show proved to be a party, as all Wanker Shows have been lately. A little bit of funk, a little bit of spunk and a lot of happy men.

Steve Nelson of stopped by with a gorgeous girl named Heather, as well as a few male friends who fell victim to Kim Kelly's All Man Juice Diet (

The night started with a standard Wankus style interview that frankly probed Kelly about obesity and why she let herself get that way. After a good explanation about a previously sustained injury, Wankus decided it was time to turn up the heat and feed the poor girl.

Kelly is eating nothing but cum and protein shakes for a 30 day period in an attempt to lose the weight. Listeners of Wankus' nightly broadcast, reminded her in the chat room that it would take 128 ounces to reach a gallon of cum. A statistic that didn't alarm Kelly, if anything, bore her.

"Bring me some tested dick" cried Kelly, who is willing to swallow nearly anyone's load, so long as they have their STD check.

Nelson and his Woody Allen looking friend, as Wankus put it, dropped their pants and the sucking began. Loads flew, Kim got full and in a short time, we will know if her diet worked.

She's three days into the venture and already shedding a few pounds, while feeling nourished and energetic. Only time will tell, but everyone is wishing her luck and at the same time hoping to be her next victim!